Warrior Zone™, a game of attrition, where players use the “strategy-of-chance” to gain victory. With each game a different battlefield where players ruthlessly eliminate their opponents. Take your five best warriors into battle, attacking and defending with a unique dice system in both hand-to-hand, short-range, and long-range combat.Gain experience, heal, or feel the wicked wrath of the unexpected.


Be the One To Stand Where All Have Fallen!

Warrior Zone

SKU: 0009
  • 2 to 4 players – Ages: 13 and Up – Average play time: 1 hour 30mins — Contains small pieces!

    ***Please note that all our products are hand packed and assembled, so minor discrepancies in game pieces may occur.***


    Board Game Includes:

    • Roll-up game board
    • 4 set of red & green dice, one 4-sided die, one 10-sided die
    • Game bag
    • 4 cache chips
    • 4 sets of five Warrior card
    • 4 sets of five stands
    • 5 blockers
    • 2 combat reference sheets
    • 4 pencils,
    • Several score sheets
    • 1 flag chip
    • Caution: Constains small pieces. Keep away from young children.


    Product Dimensions

    18 x 18 x 0.13 inches
    Item Weight 1.6 pounds