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2 to 4

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Labyrinth. Quagmire. Entanglement. Many words have been used to describe it, but will you be able to conquer the Maze?

Help your Monarch be the first to reach Maze Center while fending off (up to three) opponents in this amazing strategy board game, ATTACTICS.

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On a 36-squares by 36-squares board, Maze Center, the place of victory, is located at the center of the board and is accessible and equidistant by four open corners.

Two, three, or four players can compete on this board, each with a team of 12 pieces and choosing a starting quadrant, respectively. Pieces enter the maze at either the “Corner,” “Mid-Corner,” or “Central-Corner,” indicated by distinct starred-circled respective to the player's starting quadrant  and type of piece. 

Attactics Game Board Grid Composite
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Attactics Monarch Game Piece

Moves On:


*see rules for additonal monach movements

Enters from the corner

Attactics Starting Corner

The ruler of your team, the Monarch is the most important piece on the game board. It's objective is to be the first to reach the center of the Maze in order to win the game. 


It MUST move one space when the throw of “one” appears on either die. No other piece can move on “one.”

If your Monarch is captured, you lose the game.

Attactics Game Board Move Example

Capture Point Value = 5

How to Play

Game Rules

Attactics Maze Quadrant Map

In ATTACTICS, knowing where to attack can be just as important as knowing who to attack due to each opposing quadrant providing bonus point modifiers when capture an opposing pieces in those areas. 

By accumulating points quickly (15-point limit), these action points can then be expended to advance your Monarch closer to the center, or away from danger, prior to the starting roll of your turn.

“It’s like Chess, but with planning and a bit of luck on how you are going to race your way to center.”

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