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Make the Connection

In this tic-for-tat rummy style game, make your spreads and place your chips to break your opponent's link, build your own, and hold that link until the end of the hand is what makes Gin-Go an exciting, unique and challenging game for 2 or 4 players. 

2 or 4


Shuffle the deck of cards and then reveal each card from top of the deck until all of the suits are shown:

Gin-Go Card

Once completed, place your suit markers onto the suit row (green on green, red on red) from left to right in the same order as the suits appeared.

Note: If a Joker is revealed during the setup, the dealer may call for Secrecy or Suit-for-Suit. see rules for details.

Gin-Go Game Board Flow

After the cards have been dealt between players (any odd number between 1 and 13); in rummy style, players can start creating melds of cards from their hand that are either cards of the same number or straights of the same suit.

Green, in this example, lays down a 3♠33♣ and 8910Jmeld allowing that player to place their chips suit-coordinate grid.

However, on Red's turn, that player lays down a 234meld with a layover 3 to hit off of Green's "3" meld, allowing Red to place their corresponding chips on their side of the coordinate  grid. Incidentally, this move bumps off two Green chips starting the tic-for-tac tug-o-war struggle for control of the board.

In Gin-Go, it's not only important to use the cards you have in your hand, but to see what cards have already been played and to use them to block, break, or build links of your own.

Gin-Go chip and board placement

Game Rules

How to Play

Gin-Go board link example

Do you see which cards will stop Red?

If you look closely, do you see which card will both stop Red and allow Green to make a link?


To win in Gin-Go, you must connect your series of color chips from A to K (doesn't need to be a straight line). A simple task, but only until a player finishes their hand and the link remains unbroken.

In this instance, Green must replace specific connecting chips with their own in order to prevent Red from winning. As long there are cards in hand, there is still a chance to turn the tide and advert defeat.

Gin-Go logo animated


"If You Like Rummy, Sequence, or Card Games in General, You'll Love Gin-Go"

"I tried this game and eventually bought several sets to give to my friends. Even people who don't normally play cards really enjoy this one."

"The wife and mother-in-law love this game. Which means more plays for me :-) If you like playing rummy, you should love the twist this game adds!"

How to Play

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