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In this chess-inspired game, your "Kitunda", Swahii for chess pawns, can access the powers of the nobles and defend their nations in this 4-player battle royal.

The royal houses are decimated by a plague. Kings and nobles alike lingered on Death's doorstep. Each Queen sough guidance from their mystics. They were told to rely on their loyal Kitunda, their pawns to keep civilization afloat and were granted a six-sided crystal to defend their kingdom, allowing the Kitunda to accesses the power of the nobles  and claim victory over the land.


Eight Kitunda* go out to a 8 x 8 field of play. They position themselves along a trench alongside the field of play. They are honored to defend their kingdom and their Queen aggressively.

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A Kitunda enters the field of play by activating their Crystal (rolling the die), revealing their move. Once on the playing field, a piece cannot enter its dugout or the opponent’s dugout. Once a piece is touched, it must move.

Rook’s Reach

A Die roll of 1 allows a Kitunda to move rank and file in the style of a Rook.


It is said that the Crystal will go critical when held by its last bearer. So when a player has only one remaining Kitunda, they have three moves to get within attack mode of an opponent’s piece. Otherwise, they must remove their pawn. As the last piece, the flawed Crystal allows a player to move into attack position, then a striking second roll.

There is no retreat.

Ready for a thrilling game of strategy and luck? Kitunda is the perfect 4-player board game combining the tactical elements of chess with the unpredictability of rolling dice. Challenge your friends and family to a game of Kitunda and see who will come out on top!

A fast-paced, strategic game that is fun for younger players but challenging enough for older players to enjoy.

Game Rules

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