In a Rummy style of play, put down your spreads and place your chips to match each placed card. Two opponents (or teams of two) play from either end, in a tit-for-tat strategy trying to knock off each other's chips using card spreads to build a connecting link from their Ace to King row. Build your link, break theirs and hold that link until the hand is played out is what makes Gin-Go an exciting, fun and challenging game.


SKU: 0008
  • Game includes:

    • Roll-up game board

    • 2 sets of 50 colored chips

    • Felt bag for pieces

    • 2 sets of 4 suit-symbol markers,

    • Recording sheets

    • 52 deck of playing cards

    Product Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 0.13 inches

    Item Weight: 8 ounces

    ***Please note that all our products are hand packed and assembled, so minor discrepancies in game pieces may occur.***



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