Amura is a writer of short stories, poetry, and fiction.

Here are some of his literary works entitled:

AMURATI (Volume 1) - A collection of 50 short stories, the requirement of each stories being 300 words or less. Stories vary in genre.

THE PROMISE - A poem about the promises our African ancestors possibly made to one another after being enslaved when brought to the Americas and how we can fulfill some of them as ancestors returned.

THE SEED (ORIGIN OF AI) - In the 22nd Century, the world is on the verge of change when androids begin to dream answering untold questions. Science Fiction

Jonathan Hood in Close the Door Behind You - Once an NYC Police Detective, Private Investigator Jonathan Hood becomes involved in a mystery, some unseen horror has butchered his client. He learns that an otherworldly beast has attached itself to an idol smuggled out of the Amazonian jungle. A door’s opened to another dimension; a door that only the idol can close. What he knows; he can’t tell, there’s the risk of sounding insane. The creature goes on the hunt, Jonathan and maybe all of New York is on the menu. There’s not much time left. What can he do and who can he get to believe and help him find the idol and close the door? Chiller Mystery.

Story of The Haven House - Crack/cocaine paved the streets of Brooklyn. The Mayor was called in to solve this problem and take back the neighborhood. The Mayor's office got together with the police, the courts, and the judges to formulate an alternative to incarceration program for substance abusers convicted for a nonviolent petty crime. A former policeman was hired to take back a residential program from the gangsters and drug dealers. The Haven House would never be the same.

Tainted Times (100 Days of Prose)  - From July 1st to September 8th of 2019 (100 Days) one poem was written every day and collected in this book. It was a time of strife and discord.

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