Once an NYC Police Detective, Private Investigator Jonathan Hood becomes involved in a mystery, some unseen horror has butchered his client. He learns that an otherworldly beast has attached itself to an idol smuggled out of the Amazonian jungle.


A door’s opened to another dimension; a door that only the idol can close. What he knows; he can’t tell, there’s the risk of sounding insane. The creature goes on the hunt, Jonathan and maybe all of New York is on the menu. There’s not much time left. What can he do and who can he get to believe and help him find the idol and close the door?

Jonathan Hood in Close the Door Behind You

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    • Author: Amura Onaa
    • ASIN : B07MKSN2T1
    • Publisher : Amura Unlimited LLC
    • Print length : 206 pages
    • Language : English