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Got Ideas? Stay With Them!

How’s everyone doing out there? I’ve been working on some ideas as of late. I hope you have as well.

I’m sure many of you creative folks have ideas, after ideas, after ideas. Ever feel overwhelmed by them? I sometimes do. It could be any project or skill you’re interested in. My father told me I burned too many candles at too many ends. For me, it's music, art, writing, and game design.

I love how ideas come, especially when you‘re busy doing something unrelated. A good reason I’ve learned to keep a writing and/or drawing pad handy at all times. If it’s music and I’m away from my guitar. I’ll need to memorize the melody or the hook and sing it repeatedly in my head. I could be in downtown Manhattan and need to hold that thought for over an hour until I got home.

I find ideas are like children. They need nurturing. They have personalities of their own. Some come from moods, others from events around you. Others from memories or stories you’ve heard, etc.

I’m finishing up a new game product, Kitunda (a chess-oriented game), but I always have a few ideas in the oven. I have a sculpture that I tweak from time to time, as my workroom is a miniature of what it used to be.

I feel creative folks are moody; at least, I am. My passion for creating is affected by my mood. Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches to a new book, “Of Prose and Passing Thoughts.” However, I have another book on the stove, “Amurati Volume 3.” A book of short stories, 300 words or less. The short stories come in groups of two or three sometimes. I need 50 to finish the book.

I’ll give you a peek at one story. Remember when I said ideas can come from a memory of something. Well, I was watching a Star Trek episode. James Kirk was gallivanting around the cosmos with female aliens. I started chuckling at the idea, and this Amurati came to me:

The captain lay in bed, lost in ecstasy he had never experienced. Forgetting that he was the first human in history to have sex with an alien female. At least, he hoped she was female.
Nevertheless, he patiently waited for her return as he was still quivering about an hour later. Suddenly two aliens entered the room and pulled him forcibly from the bed, ushering him down a hallway to another room.
He was shocked to see hundreds of aliens coming from side rooms. Some appear to be rapidly growing into full-fledged adults.
“Where’s E’tha?” he asked, hoping he pronounced her name correctly.
“She’s birthing,” said an official.
“Birthing? What?”
“Yes, these are your offspring, your spawn. They possess your knowledge and skills, but our essence.”
The captain thought his universal translator was malfunctioning.
“My spawn? What are you saying?”
“We Zargodians only have one to three sperm cells. You have about 100 million sperm cells, and E’tha will continue birthing till her end. It is her sacrifice.”
“Yes, your spawn, our army, will return to your homeworld in your craft and crafts like it to conquer it. This is how we wage war.”
The captain slowly became aware of the mix between his human and alien DNA. They were his, alright.
“You’ve rested long enough. Time to build our army,” the official said, ordering the guards to toss him in another room, where another female awaited him.
“No!” he screamed.
However, he could only submit to ecstasy when she touched him.

Words: 253

Enjoy your ideas. Sometimes you may have to shelve them because life is making other demands on you that may be time-consuming. Still, take them as far as they’ll go. I started designing games in the 1970s. I have six games published, about four others on the stove or in the oven. At first, it was like a hobby because I was concentrating on my music. As a musician, I’ve written several hundred songs. However, the music industry is a tale for another time. Now, I’m glad to just “do, create, express ideas by bringing them to the earth plane.”

If you’re creative, by any means, consider yourself blessed.

Everyone; enjoy your holidays, stay safe, be well and continue to work on your ideas.


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