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While players attempt to reach Maze Center with their Monarch piece, many will seek a range of 15 squares from the center. Players achieve points for their Monarch from the opposing pieces that they capture. A Player can then expend those points into the number of squares their Monarch can move before the start of their turn.

Because the position of a Monarch is visible to all players, and the number of spaces they can move, every player is aware of the Monarch who has the best chance of winning the game. A patrol of three pieces, a Minor, Major, and Master, near the central area of the game board might thwart the plans of any opposing Monarch to enter Maze Center.

One objective is to distract the Monarch by threatening it. A player might use his points to move away from Maze Center or move closer - depending on the level of the threat. And a Monarch should never run ahead of its defense. Defend your Monarch, but make sure there’s running room available.

On Attacking Other Pieces

Whenever possible, provide backup. It helps pieces that may become stranded. It also draws the attention of an oncoming threat, leaving an opponent to change direction or strategy.

Best Time for Capturing with Minors or Majors

Doubles are the best time to capture opponents’ pieces. Minors and Majors can use the amount of both dice (except doubles ones – reserved for Monarch only). A player can roll up to five doubles in a row, doing some serious damage to an opponent. I have seen it happen.

You can capture a piece and back off on the next move when rolling only one double.

Board Terran

Traveling through the mid-area is best. Movement along the edges and around Maze Center may take longer, but one can lay in wait with a Master for a long-range 5/6 roll. Quadrant areas around the maze's center allow for the doubling or tripling of points in a capture. The quadrants are closer.


Team setup can be each team member diagonally opposed (A, B, A1, B1) or both on the one side (A, A1, then B, B1) – decided at the beginning of the game.



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