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Getting Ready for the Next L.I. Tabletop Gaming Expo

We’re looking forward to another great experience at the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo at the Long Island Cradle of Aviation Museum on April 6th and 7th. A year has gone by and we're enjoying the feedback from gamers playing our products. We’re also hoping to see some of you there; maybe you’ll be interested in another one of our board games.

We’re finding that KITUNDA is becoming a rising star. A fast-paced game in the realm of Chess. Still, our other games are finding their niche. As in the preparation of any show or performance, the goosebumps of anticipation are sprouting like mushrooms in a damp forest. But this is par for the course, as meeting new folks to showcase our games is always exciting.

We are a small, growing company, and we are grateful when people supporting us take the time to spread the word about one of our products. So come on with a friend or family member. I’ve always been somewhat of an introvert, even performing as a musician. If someone told me I would be doing conventions years ago, I would have called them crazy. I must admit, however, that as a songwriter, I found that the only people who would get to hear my music were for me to go out and perform it. And so it is with the gaming industry. The audience is more one-to-one or one-to-a-few, but it’s just as great.

Keep in mind that all of our games are original. Home-brewed from the Bronx! We have GIN-GO – if you enjoy Gin Rummy-type games, this one's for you. There’s KITUNDA – a game where Chess pawns are the only pieces, taking on the powers of the “royals” via the roll of a die. We have ATTACTICS – a race to the center of the maze. The first Monarch to reach the Maze Center wins, but don’t lose your Monarch. DUO-COUP – Sudoku for two, solving any published Sudoku puzzle. Challenge your opponent when you feel they misplaced a number tile, who must use logic to prove their move is correct. Finally, there’s SQUARIN’ OFF – based on Connect-the-Dots (Boxes/Squares). It has single, double, and triple points square and Blockers. Blockers prevent players from getting long runs of squares.

There’ll be a kaleidoscope of vendors showcasing their wares. The talents on display and the things they offer are unique and worthy of people coming out and having a wonderful experience. If you enjoy board games, come on out! I’m sure there will be something that will catch your attention. Bring friends and have a great time. We hope to see you and come sit at our table; we’re always open for a quick example of how to play one of our games. They’re easy, fun, and fast to learn.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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