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Convention Reflection

On the third weekend of March 2023, we had the opportunity to showcase some of our games to the public at the Long Island Tabletop Game Expo. It was our first major convention, and I must say, it was quite an experience. I was blessed to have my three children help set up our booth and explain the rules to gamers who came with questions about our products.

It was a two-day affair, and we decided to showcase five of our games, Gin-Go™, Kitunda™, Attactics™, Squarin’ Off™, and Duo Coup™. The experience of the first day gave all of us some insight on how we should display our products on the next. In so doing, we improved our sales. We even put up a sign indicating that we had “Original Homebrewed Games.” The “Homebrewed” was my daughter’s idea, drawing more folks to our booth with more inquiries.

The attendance was excellent, with a lot of vendors and attendees. There was also an assortment of costumed characters. One never knows when Darth Vardor might purchase a game. And it was a pleasure talking to as many folks as possible. Their response to our products was very encouraging. It’s one thing when putting ideas together and creating a product at home, playing a game with friends or family, and then playing it publicly with strangers. Their response, especially to our newest game, Kitunda, seemed genuinely great.

When I performed as a musician many years ago, it was always heartwarming to have someone come up to me after a set and thank me. There would be a specific song that touched them deeply. One song, in particular, was “Broken Glass” (on Spotify, “Crossroad, Amurá in the Rough,”). I realized then that one doesn’t have to move a large crowd, but simply touching a few people was enough. I had a few of those experiences or exchanges at the expo. A few felt that I offered some really unique games. From those encounters, I felt that I was in the ballpark. That I had achieved enough credit to be on the bases, waiting for that hit to drive me home.

I met a lot of other creative souls offering ideas and approaches to the art of the gaming experience just as unique, if not more so, than my own. It’s a pleasure to find people who express a creative spark revealed by the glow in their eyes, the warmth of their character, and the display of their craft. As I’ve said, the mind is the most fantastic board game.

We will definitely have to get involved in more expos and conventions. Hopefully, we will spread our wings with some of the contacts we made and exchange new ideas and possibilities.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our next public outing.

Also many thanks again to the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo (@litabletop) staff for going around and offering all the vendors fresh hot coffee each morning and afternoon.


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