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“New Year” Happens When You Make It So

It’s a new year, and do I have anything to show for it? Nah, not really. There’s a pile of “stuff yet to be done.” And there’s no need to add new ideas on top. I’ve been blessed with ideas. They grow in the most unexpected places, between toes and under armpits. Just as dawn approaches, I get visions and ideas by the basket load telling me how to do this? Maybe I should do that or try something different. Learned to keep that notepad by the headboard.

So, I’m going to take the New Year nice and easy by going through the pile of ideas in the corner of my mind and in the file folders of earlier years. There are a lot of things we need to focus on. While I admit ideas come without difficulty, it’s the finishing up that’s always seemed challenging to handle. 

I worked on most of the stone and wood pieces as a younger man. I would finish the essential form or shape I envisioned and reach a point of satisfaction. “There it is!” I would exclaim, but then I would have to finish it, polish it, and spend hours to days to months to fine-tune the piece to make it presentable to the public eye. Once the idea was given birth, I was good to go, but then one had to dress up their “baby” so others could appreciate it. I was already on to my next project. While I’ve learned an art piece's “presentation” stage, I still have to bring my ideas to the group I work with and the public who plays our games.

So before making any “new” New Year’s resolutions, I need to polish and bring some old “projects” to the presentation stage, as they have been waiting for their chance to stand under the stage light for quite some time. I’m reaching an age where “New Year” is losing its glamour or mysticism. Is it a new year if we’re only going to repeat the same things all over again? For some of us, it may need to be called “same old year all over again.”

If anything, I need to take the time to secure the foundation of the business and clothe the other projects that have been waiting in the wings. One game in particular is “Warrior Zone.” I think it’s one of our best. We put it out there a while back and then had to withdraw it for appearance purposes. It needs a refitting. Other works can’t be mentioned, but we look forward to giving them a moment to blossom properly. Of course, many projects are waiting for the proper funding, as so many of us in this business understand.

Other ideas have been pushed back to accommodate our newer games, but Amurá Unlimited is more about game development. We don’t want to move too far ahead of them that we lose contact with them. There are gaps we look forward to building to offer you, the public, more diversity. As some of you may know, these ideas come from the mind of Amurá, and there are many of them.

A new year can take place at any time. We don’t want to build a new damn without making sure the old one is fortified. So, if it’s going to be a “New Year,” let it be to polish up our past projects so our future presentation will have a greater reach and offer you greater access to our products.

So don’t worry about making resolutions on the 1st of January; the “New Year” happens when you make it so


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