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Kitunda, A Brew of Luck and Strategy

We’re grateful for the encouraging feedback and positive response we’re getting from our newest product, Kitunda. A game where pawns take on the powers of the royals in Chess (Rook, King, Bishop, and Knight) via the roll of a die.

While it’s evident to anyone, introducing dice or die in any board game brings “chance” or “luck” as a component to the game. Strategy comes into play when players know how to use “chance” to their best advantage.

The game goes much quicker than expected, especially when played by four players. While each player may develop their own strategy after becoming comfortable with the rules. Please allow me to offer some pointers for consideration, something that beginners can follow and modify to their style of play.

  1. Never bring a lot of your pieces onto the field of play. They become sitting ducks for their opponent(s). You only have eight pieces, so use them wisely and sparingly. Get the most out of one or two pieces before taking another Kitunda out of the trench.

  2. Play smart. The Kitunda that is touched must be moved, so think before taking action.

  3. Positioning your pawn adjacent (rank and file or diagonal) to an opponent’s piece can afford a more significant capture percentage of 50%. Getting two or more pawns in your line of sight increases your chances of capturing an opponent.

  4. When down to your last Kitunda. Where you get a chance to roll to move, then a roll to attack the above pointer may prove helpful.

These are some basic suggestions. I’m sure the more people play, the more strategies will be developed.

Chance has a way of unexpectedly changing the outlook of games. What was once a sure win now becomes a struggle to regain the advantage. We would love to hear some of your opinions and insights on how you developed strategies for one-on-one games and possibly when playing teams.

It’s always nice to know that players develop their own paths to victory at some point in time with any game. After a while, some moves are given titles. One of the fun points I like about Kitunda is that when chance and strategy are thrown into the brew, the outcome is always crazy.

So again, we like to thank those of you who’ve gotten back to us with feedback. Hopefully, we’ll bring you more games for you to enjoy. Keep on gaming!


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